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Publications about Adulteration

Economically motivated adulterations are a worldwide problem for the food trade.

High-quality raw materials are stretched with inferior goods, the real origins are obscured or in the case of honey and agave syrup diluted with industrially produced syrups in such a way that determining the authenticity of the product becomes more difficult. High-quality coffee qualities, such as Arabica coffee, are mixed with cheaper Robusta varieties, but this blend is not labelled.

See following publications about adulteration – Please find additional Information about NMR here:

Quality Services International GmbH: T. Wiezorek, J. van der Meulen, S. Bartz, G. Beckh
Critical Evaluation of Methodologies for Characterization of Agave Syrup
Whitepaper (2017)

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Misinterpretation of LC-IRMS Honey Analysis
Posterpräsentation Apimondia, Istanbul, 29.Sep.-4.Okt. (2017)

A. Dübecke, C. Lüllmann, G. Beckh, L. Fleming
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American Bee Journal, 1080-1081 (Oct 2016)

S. Schwarzinger, F. Brauer, P. Rösch, A. Dübecke, C. Lüllmann, G. Beckh, B. Schütz, B. Kämpf
Authentische Lebensmittel
q&more (2016)
zu dem Artikel:

G. Beckh
Nachweis von Honigverfälschungen
Begleitband GDL-Symposium Honig und Honigtechnologie Stuttgart, 1.-2.Dec. (2011)

K. Beckmann, G. Beckh, C. Lüllmann
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Deutsche Lebensmittel-Rundschau Spezial, September, 73-76A (2010)

K. Beckmann, G. Beckh, C. Lüllmann
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Deutsche Lebensmittel-Rundschau, 104(11/12), 55-57 (2008)

K. Beckmann, G. Beckh, C. Lüllmann
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Posterpräsentation AOAC Dallas 21. -25.9. (2008)

K. Beckmann, G. Beckh, C. Lüllmann
Positive deviations of δ13C IRMS-values between honey and proteine – effects of adulterations
Posterpräsentation AOAC Dallas 21. -25.9. (2008)

C. Lüllmann, G. Beckh and P. Wessel
Survey on the 13C values of different honey types – Poster Presentation
39. Apimondia Congress, Dublin, Ireland 21. – 27. Aug. (2005)